Prepare yourself for a special spa experience with Soft Soak; SpaGuard’s bromine-free, chlorine-free spa care system that requires your attention only a few minutes a week. Soft Soak provides a wonderfully soft, soothing and gentle spa environment.

Soft Soak Sanitizer

Provides effective control of bacteria that can be present in spa water. Test sanitizer level weekly with Soft Soak test strips and add product as needed.

Soft Soak Shock

Oxidizes to remove or break down unwanted compounds introduced into your spa water from body oils and debris. It also improves filtration. Soft Soak Shock is used as part of the routine maintenance program.

Soft Soak Spa Conditioner

Control and prevent unattractive waterline film around the perimeter of your spa surface. Use at every start-up when your spa is drained and refilled.

Soft Soak Stain and Scale Control

Prevents stains and scale on spa surfaces/equipment, and also protects Soft Soak Shock from breaking down due to metals present in source water. Soft Soak Stain & Scale Control is used as part of your weekly maintenance program.