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Why Structural Armor Composite Fiber Reinforced Building Materials?

State-of-the-Art in Non-Corrosive Pool Walls

Patented Technology
Our patented Fiber Reinforced Composite Wall Systems offers unbeatable strength and support while being more heat/cold resistant than polymer.  
New Technology Results in Incomparable Strength
Why does our Highly Engineered Reinforced Composite make structural foam obsolete? STRENGTH. Composite has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, is high impact resistant, is non-corrosive (won’t oxidize or rust), and has an extremely long life span. These are just a few of the many benefits..
Highly Engineered Reinforced Composites
Scientist and lab technicians created Structural Armor highly engineered reinforced composite by utilizing advanced material design techniques and throughly evaluating the product’s end use to develop the perfect material for Structural Armor construction components.



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Concrete Deck
  • Steel Forms
  • Uniform thickness with limestone underneath to prevent settling and provide better drainage
  • Non-Skid Swirl Finish
  • We seal the concrete
  • Saw cut any oversized areas
  • Colored concrete options!
Water Features Options
  • The Rogue 2 slide from S.R. Smith slide has a retro look with a thoroughly modern flume that makes this slide the new standard for backyard fun. The Rogue2 is designed for quick and easy assembly, and has an improved high volume water delivery system that can be plumbed through the pool’s return line or connected to a garden hose.

  • The Typhoon slide from S.R. Smith stands 7’4″ tall to the top of the handrails, and is available in sandstone and gray granite. Enclosed ladder and molded handrail design for maximum safety. Our unique GrandRapids water delivery system offers lots of rushing water for a fun ride.

  • Transform your swimming pool or pond into an alluring focal point for evening guests to admire. With Amoray Underwater LED Lights, you have a rainbow of color options in one light fixture!

Automatic Pool Cover

Cover Pools

Cover-Pools covers are the finest, safest, and easiest-to-use pool covers you can buy. Our installation crew is professionally trained on installation and use of Cover Pools automatic covers. Choose the cover color that best matches your home landscaping to complete the look for your new pool.

The Storm Solar Reel System

If you’re looking for a traditional reel, check out the Solar Storm Reel System. Its new T-Base design provides exceptional stability for commercial applications and features corrosion resistant construction.  The Solar Storm Reel System comes standard with 3 in. commercial grade locking casters for easy roll-away storage, and cranks on both ends provide easy one or two person operation.  The product includes all straps (60 in.) and required hardware for attaching solar blanket, and can handle up to 200 lbs. of blanket material. Fits pool sizes up to 24 ft. x 75 ft. (max solar blanket thickness is 12 mil).  Includes 5 year limited warranty.

Rheem Digital Pool & Spa Heater with ProTek Shield
  • Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger – For added protection against aggressive water chemistry
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Thermostat
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Remote Compatible
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Cool Running
  • Smooth Light Off
  • Rust-Free Waterways

ProTek Shield

  • ProTek Shield is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger and extends the life of your Rheem Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater. Rest, soak or swim knowing that your pool heater investment can be enjoyed even longer thanks to this innovative, patent pending technology — excellent for use in chlorinated and salt water pools!

Pool Boy III - Battery Powered Reel System

Providing a fast and convenient way to uncover and cover your pool with effortless operation. Dreading using your solar blanket? Stop struggling! Start relaxing!

Easy Installation!

  • Does not need any wires
  • Doesn’t need to be permanently mounted
  • Tracks are not needed
  • Use your existing solar blanket and straps